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exhaust system

To change your perception of exhaust we have created THOR - the most powerful electronic exhaust system.
It’s handy and easy to manage: just connect THOR to your car’s CAN bus and enjoy the exhaust sounds
of your favorite supercars.


Revolutionary exhaust tuning

In-app sound control

20+ exhaust sounds created
using unique TRS technology

New sounds every month

THOR Loudspeaker

Vivid, volume, and detailed sound is now possible
with the THOR Speaker. Renewed version perfectly performs
any exhaust sound, creating a live image of a supercar.

Ultra Speaker

Enhanced THOR Speaker is simply magic.
A perfect balance of power, volume,
and exhaust sound quality.

Sensitivity=89 dB W/m.
RMS=100 W
Housing made of heat-conducting plastic
High-performance amplifier with a wide dynamic range
BLE module

Smart control unit

THOR smart unit with the new processor recreates the exhaust sounds most realistically.
The unit connects to the cloud service, sounds & functions are updated monthly.

System components

2 THOR speakers
+ control unit
1 THOR speaker
+ control unit

THOR in detail

One or two THOR Speakers are installed under the vehicle
The electronic unit is installed in the vehicle’s interior
THOR reads the position of the gas pedal to perfectly match the sound of the exhaust

THOR in action

Choose your sound

We have created and united together 20+ different exhaust sounds of legendary engines. New sounds every month.

Classic. Sounds of the exhaust of cult cars
Lamborgini urus
Jaguar F Pace SVR
BoomBox. Available by pressing
Water dwellers
40+ available sounds in Boombox mode
Emotion. Positive.Negative.Reactions
10+ available sounds in Emotion mode

live sound demonstration

Take part in a live demonstration
of THOR systems in our studio.

Sound Laboratory

We use only real vehicles to record our exhaust classic sounds.

Our team records each engine cycle under load and then recreates the sound with a special TRS technology.

We value the original, powerful sound of the exhaust, so we entrust the creating & recording of sounds only to the pros.

Creating each sound takes months.

Thor beta testing program

Your feedback is most important. Beta testers have access to pre-release versions of sounds and can share their opinion with us.

We always welcome a point of view from enthusiasts, musicians and sound designers.


Change your exhaust sound in a few taps. We created a nice and easy app that will help you control THOR sounds and choose the exhaust that suits you today.

Tune it up

Customize your exhaust as you wish. You can choose an auto mode or tune every sound detail.
Select engine start sound, idling, tone, and volume on your own.


Your exhaust is up to you now!
You will find dozens of sounds that fit every mood in our THOR Store. Access to new sounds open monthly.

Smart control

Smart Watch
Standard buttons
Drive select
Android Auto

How to install THOR system

  1. Install THOR speakers on the bottom
    using universal mount
  2. Connect the electronic unit to the CAN-bus and supply circuits
  3. Connect system components
  4. Install THOR app. Your system is ready

THOR Benefits

  • True & loud as possible
  • 20+ exhaust of cult cars
  • Individual settings: volume, shooting, etc.
  • Personal settings: volume, idling, etc.
  • Handy app
  • New exhaust every month
  • Service life more than 10 years
  • Is suitable for any car from 2005-onwards
  • Can be reinstalled on another car
  • Easy to install

do not hesitate to contact us with questions

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THOR electronic exhaust
from € 1 620